How to Kick Ass at Retrograde


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We all know the rules, no contract signing, no big purchases and back up our electronics. But instead of focusing on what can't be done, lets think of what we can do during retrograde.

How to Kick Ass at Retrograde

REorganize those messy shelves, cabinets and weird spots that just seem to catch stuff. You might score some loose changes, find your missing earring or realize you don't even need half of it. Boost your frequencies and live without chaos and clutter.

  • REconnect with those friends you haven't talked to in a while, pick up the phone, plan a dinner party or a girls night out.
  • Finish all those loose projects, did you start painting the kitchen and never finish? Nows the perfect time. Finish writing that book, pay those lingering bills, finally bring those bags of clothes to the donation center.
  • Meditate
  • REevalute your ideas and polish up the touches to your website.
  • REdo your business plan, sit down and go over with a fine tooth comb.
  • Plan ahead for traffic delays and leave ahead of schedule
  • Pick up a good book incase you end up missing the subway, You Are A Badass and A Girl and Five Brave Horses are among my favorite
  • Pack a carry on instead of checking your luggage
  • Go over any documents with a fine tooth comb and maybe a lawyer before signing
  • Don't have any elective or plastic surgery
  • Back up all your data, your laptop, desktop and phone
  • Take everything with a grain of salt, Mercury is a trickster
  • Remember communication is down, so don't take what people say too seriously
  • Pick up some crystals; Blue Lace Agate, Quartz, Green Banded Fluorite, Amazonite, or Aquamarine
  • Plan for the unexpected

Remember things that begin with "RE" are great during retrograde;reevaluate, remember, rethink, redo etc.

Don't stress, practice gratitude for what the universe brings and enjoy the ride.


Vivian Vette