Hooray For Number One

If 2016 just felt rough for you, you're not the only one. 2016 felt like it swallowed me up, chewed on me and spit me out. But now we can look to the stars for an explanation, 2016 was a numerology year 9. The number nine is all about endings, completions and wrapping things up. So it explains it all.

Let's bring on 2017, which is number one year. Bring on change, beginnings and progress. Time for development of new ideas and expanding your interests.

Ways to Conquer

Be a Leader- Follow those new ideas as they come into your head and blaze a trail.

Everyone Else is Taken- Thats right, be yourself, honor yourself and get to know yourself, who cares what everyone else is already doing.

Star Light, Star Bright- Quit shrinking yourself to fit into someone else's world, let yourself shine through and own this new year.

Confidence- Know that not everything will succeed but have the confidence to try

"Better an oops, than a what if?" - Beau Taplin

How I'm Doing It

This year I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone, if 2016 made me realize anything, it was that I need to grow. I can't do that constantly working, Netflixing and sitting behind my computer. I'm setting bigger and better goals, with deadlines and plotting how to accomplish them. I'm checking in with myself, how is everything making me feel? Am I remembering to meditate or get enough sleep? Things that I need in my life to feel myself.

Take this time to start planning out your new year and remember to shine.

Cheers babes!

Magical TimesVivian Vette