Going Downtown

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I thoroughly design and produce every single handbag that comes across the Vivian Vette site, and I do it all out of my studio apartment. Surfaces are always covered in fabric, doodles and pattern pieces. But I love it, to me happiness is being able to plug away for hours in front of a sewing machine with Netflix streaming or my favorite band playing off the record player but lately I've been wanting to take Vivian Vette further.

I want to offer my designs in leather, beautiful buttery lambskin that will look classic across a smart outfit. So I stepped back and asked myself if I should get the equipment to do it? I decided to head downtown to shop local contractors.

What an adventure, I wove in and out of the downtown Los Angeles fashion district, wandering into offices and speaking with different production houses to see if they could bring my new vision to life.


leather hides


Then out came the leather, rings of different grades,grains, texture and colors. My head was spinning and I found myself staring at two different black lambskins, torn between the two. The only thing separating them was literally a tiny bit of sheen to one and grain to the other. I settled on the burnside and we discussed what goes into creating the construction of my design. Leather it turns out is so much different then working with vinyl, as where most of the vinyls I used could stand up on their owns, depending on which leather I had to back them so they held their shape, which creates an even better product in the end for you.

I took pages of notes of things I needed to know and what I had to do to move forward. As soon as I was home I brewed a pot of coffee and got to work. Back out came the patterns and I started measuring and marking details for them that I knew by heart because I create each design. I have to hand them a complete blueprint and step by step guide of what to do so there isn't any confusion when they move forward.

Until next time,