Getting Outside


Photos Taken By Me

If you just got back from a festival and fell in love with the chance to be outdoors, here's your chance to enjoy a great view and some fresh air. We all know you can only visit Griffin Park so much before the kids and tourists start to get on your nerves and you feel yourself wishing you were at home instead. Sure it's beautiful park with perfect spots to lay out on a blanket, bring a box of take out or walk around on it's gravel paths but sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Drive down to Palos Verdes to visit a gorgeous outting that overlooks the ocean. Don't let the fact that it's technically on Crenshaw Blvd scare you, it's all giant houses and gated driveways down here. If you're feeling adventurous download the Outbound or the All Trails app so you can record, add photos and see maps of the trails within the park. IMG_0151

Don't forget to pack your favorite water and luna bar for a mid stroll snack. There's a great spot to walk up to about a third of the way in that offers a great view, shade and benches to sit on. Reapply your sunscreen and enjoy the growing flowers and different types of foliage.

Once you get down to the main part you can branch off onto different paths that weave all over the park. The park is dog friendly so Foxy enjoyed the outting as well, I walked the Ishibashi trail which was a gentle 2.8 mile loop that swung down into the park and looped back up. But I'm excited to get back and branch off onto more of the area. When you start, head to the left for an easier hike back up or if you wanna work those glutes head to the right so you enjoy the incline on the way back. Who said all squats must be done at the gym?