Friday Favorites: Things I'm LOVING right now



Hello Friday! It's the day we've all been waiting for and I know I'm not the only one excited for a couple days of rest. While you're plotting out your perfect weekend like I know I am, here's a look at my weekly favorites!

Turn Tt Up 

I'm obsessed with Halsey's Badlands album and it's cover art. It's the perfect blend of rhythm with that "raise your lighters" vibe. I have it on repeat on Spotify so I can just listen to it again and again. It makes me think of perfect road trips, California sun and days spent at the beach. Perfection. Make sure to listen to Castles, Drive and Colors!

Strike a Pose!

I'm all for anything nostalgic and I am in love with my Fuji Insta camera. It reminds me of being twelve years old again playing dress up with my sister and burning through the film in our Barbie polaroid. Sorry dad for the price of film! I always toss it in my bag with its colored lens attachments for snapping pictures of our adventures. My iPhone 6 may have an awesome camera but sometimes nothing beats the feeling of instant satisfaction.

Hey There Good Looking

I've tried my fair share of expensive creams, promising to add moisture and this and that. But after running out of another cream I wasn't in love with, I picked up Simples replenishing moisturizer and I'm in LOVE. It moisturizers without leaving your face greasy or still dried out. Plus you only need the tiniest bit to cover your whole face. Hell yea.

Just Add a Little Love

I picked up an Unconditional Love candle from House of Intuition and have been burning it during the day as I create. Not only does it add the softest of smells to the air that seem to wrap around you in a comforting hug but it promises to help release fear, resentment and envy, letting you receive and love unconditionally, Plus afterwards theres a dalmatian stone in the very bottom that can be carried around as a gentle reminder to spread and receive love.

How to Brew a Healthier You

I will always be a die hard coffee fan, go caffeine! But sometimes I just love a good cup of tea and lately the Yogi Peach Detox has been my favorite. It has the perfect blend of sweet and flavor without being over powering. Plus it has a special blend of herbs to help draw out any extra toxins that are floating around in your body so say hello to a healthier you and clearer skin. I've been drinking more it while I'm fighting this cold and I swear it's helping.

I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing! If you partake in any favorites don't forget to share them on the Gram and tag us!