Friday Favorites: Tattoos, Moments and Sweet Treats



This week as I crossed things off my to-do list I realized my favorite things this week were moments. That magic that comes from saying, "I was there, I did that, that I wasn't just always at work or in traffic" it has a refreshing ring to it.

Smile It's Friday

Being Friday the 13th, for some reason is one of my favorite holidays, lets blame it on The Craft. Such a good movie to grow up with. Plus since transplanting myself to LA years ago I realized many fun things happen on the holiday that wouldn't normally happen in a "small" town. So last night after working a friend and I got in the car and headed to Hollywood. Amongst a long line of other people we stood in line to celebrate the day with Friday the 13th tattoos. True Tattoo was hosting a 13 party, pick anything off the board of 13 flash and it was yours for $20. So at five am I laid down on the tattoo table and had a bit of seaweed and a seahorse inked into my arm that resembled the number 13. Sure I could have gone at a normal hour of the day, but we thought why not, we were already up and really how many people can say they did that. As we drove home against the morning commuters I was a bit in awe that we had been able to stay up that late, but as the morning sun rose and my head touched the pillow I was out.

Just a Little Shut Eye

That being said, my next favorite thing this week was my sleeping eye mask! I don't know how I would have slept this morning without it. I love sleeping with my windows open to enjoy that California air and after being up all night, the eye mask was a must!

Mmmmm Doughnut

As many of you will know and if you follow me on Twitter; @XOVivianVette, that I love donuts. And I'm not just talking about Donut Donuts that I grew up with on the east coast. I'm talking fluffy doughy things covered with cinnamon toast crunch with blueberry frosting, red velvet topped with bacon, and ones with bourbon in the name. Sold.

Can You Hear Me Now?

The joys of a traveling office. I love my studio, it's decorated just as I want and I instantly feel at home when I enter it. I love that it's filled with plants and flowers, my record player and the coffee maker but sometimes you just go a little stir crazy staring at the same things again. So I loaded up my tote with a blanket, water, my Filofax and my iPhone and I headed for the beach. Venice on a Monday was a treat, barely anyone there, I spread out and handled picking colors, ordering and phone calls. Thank goodness for the digital age of internet on these tiny computers we get to carry around with us.

My Little Pony Hair

I've been a redhead for as long as I can remember, minus the few times I thought Blonde or Black was just a great idea. But as the summer got closer I felt I needed a change, I was continuously getting redder. So I turned to Pinterest and feel in love with this shade of Pinky-Red hair. Maybe a light magenta? I didn't care, it was still red enough for me to feel like Ariel but still a change from the normal. I was so stoked when I showed Natalie at This or Die Salon what I wanted and she just ran with it. I walked out with flirty beach waves twisting with peach, pink, red and purple hues. I felt like a magical ice-creamy my little pony. Hello summer color!

Tell me your favorite magical moment from the week! Just Tweet me XOVivian Vette, I wanna know!