Friday Favorites: Lucid Dreaming, Spa Robes and Sleep



There's something to be said for relaxation, and many of us wait till we're in complete pain to remember to do it. I've been taking steps to be more organized, grounded and focused. This favorites list are my must haves for a little R&R.

A Good Bath Robe

For my birthday I received a robe from The Four Seasons collection and let me tell you, this thing is comfy. A size or two too big, this plush soft terry cloth robe wraps around me like a nice kimono and half the time doubles as a small blanket around the house. In fact, I'm wearing it right now I as I write. Something about it just makes me feel like I'm at the spa in my own apartment.

I Just Need a Little Space

Grace Space that is. I received a trial run membership of this amazing meditation/hypothesis program and I love it. Most of her videos are five to eight minutes long so they can fit in anywhere in your day. I enjoy starting my day off with hers and clearing my day with an aura cleansing meditation from Tess Whitehurst. Twenty minutes total to grounded bliss.

Think Like a Virgo

I love my iPhone, but sometimes I need to be old school. To keep my thoughts organized I stick with a traditional Filofax. I picked up the teal Domino style and stuffed it full of rainbow paper, using a different color for each topic. I have an area for sketching, blog posts, things to do, a calendar, Youtubers to reach out to, color options to pick from, the list goes on.


In the evening I like to unwind with a cup of tea. Most of the time it's a traditional Sleepy Time tea, but recently I stumbled across Dream Tea by Anima Mundi Herbals. It doesn't make my loopy but really helps calm my brain down so I can finally drift off to sleep.


What are some of your favorite ways to relax? Tell me on Twitter, xovivianvette

With Love,