Friday Favorites: Getting Naked, Barbie Shoes and Thinking like a Virgo



Hello Gorgeous ladies! My what a week. I'm so excited to share that we received our prototypes back and are moving forward with the second bunch to iron out the kinks. But man do they already look amazing! Among handling packaging, color ways and fine-tuning logos I complied a list of this weeks five favorites to kick off TGIF!


Naked and Bare

I don't know if it's considered feng shui but I took down all the art in my place, and is there a lot.  I'm enjoying the naked walls. I feel like the rooms are so much bigger now and there's a little more air flow. It was refreshing to take stock in everything we own and decide how to rehang it later at some point. But until then my apartment is naked and I like it.

This, This and This

No one likes a to-do list but there is something refreshing about conquering a super long one. Maybe it's the Virgo in me, but I love crossing each bit off until I can crumble up the paper and toss it.

Fit for a Queen

I recently gave my nails a break from the gel manicures, somehow I had gone eight months without letting them breathe. Oops. So I treated them to a soak, buffed them out and did a DIY deep purple mani/pedi and I'm in the love. The Sally Hansen salon colors are rich and pigmented so it only two coats to get them looking majestic.

Sunshine Barbie

So months ago on a trip to NYC the Melissa store got in the Jeremy Scott collection and of course didn't have my size. Well the mules finally arrived in the babiest of pink plastic and OH, MY, GODDESS. They are perfect! I literally have Barbie shoes on my adult feet. It's every six year old's dream come true. Since baby pink is TOTALLY a neutral I've been pairing them with everything, and since they're a mule style they're great for just running out the door.

Magically Polished

I don't want to give too much away before I get back all the samples and the photos come rushing in. But the latest sample? I'm in love, not only did the contractor nail my design, but it's amazing to see a creation of mine actually created and then the design itself is just spot on.


Have a wonderful weekend dolls,