Friday Favorites: Fortune Telling, Flowers and Purple



Hello Hello my babes! I hope the retrograde isn't killing you too much and you're ready to take on this new moon with some manifesting. Just focus on what you want and go for it! This past week was all about laying the right foundation for me, figuring out what was the right path to take and going after it.

Magical Lips

So Kat Von D released a dual set of her Everlasting Lip Colors in Melancholia and Susperia and while I'm not a huge fan of her lip colors. I just don't find them truly everlasting. But I LOVED the colors together and LOVED I could create a magical purple pout with a pinky tint in the middle that came off edgy not wacky.

For Me?

On a recent trip to the grocery store I managed to score some double petal tulips, which are my absolute favorite. They have two petals layered on one another per one petal of a normal tulip so they appear very very fully and fluffy. My bouquet is a gorgeous yellow and orange mix so it appears that I have a tiny burst of fire by my bedside table. Hashtag LOVE.

It's the Healthiest Meal of the Day

I've never been one for breakfast, just give me coffee, coffee and oh wait, more coffee. But that was before I found Nature Made sweet vanilla almond granola cereal and now I finally have something that I love to eat in the morning that powers me through till my meal of Linner, (lunch and dinner). Plus since its more granola that just normal cereal the tiniest bit fills you up. Bonus!

What's Happening?

I've always been a fan of the magical and mystical. After reading Harry Potter I wished so much of it was true. But I'll settle for the tiny messages the universe sends instead. Good music, finding change in your pockets, fortune cookies and daily horoscopes. I love readying my daily on the Astrostyle app,  I find that the AstroTwins have really got it down and I always find theirs to be the most accurate.

Hangin Out

While I'm working on refining designs or sewing I love Netflixing. It's the only time I get to do it. Forget Netflix and Chill, I Netflix and Hustle. And I've been hustling my way through the reruns of That 70's Show and I have to say so much of the humor that went over my head when I was thirteen is so great now.


I hope this Friday treats you well!


xoxo Darlings!