Friday Favorites: Fireworks, Ice Tea and The Beach Boys


Happy Almost Independence Day! I can't believe July fourth is already upon us, I feel like just yesterday I was counting down for January First. Bananas. I have a great feeling about July though, so many little things are falling into place and Mars has gone direct, which is always great for productivity. My third sample is due to come back from my contractor this week, in pink! So I am beyond excited. It's so thrilling to see him take my sketch or prototype and turn it into something amazing. Just one more design and then I'm throwing a launch party, make sure to follow the Vivian Vette Instagram and Twitter to keep your eye out for details. It's going to be a hoot.

My Favorites Summer/Holiday Weekend List

Favorite Summer Time Music: Nothing beats the classic, my record player will be spinning with the Boss; Bruce Springsteen and The Beach Boys this weekend.

Favorite Summer Time Drink: Nothing beats a cold class of ice tea in the sunshine.

Favorite Summer Time Food: Call me old fashion, but on the fourth of July theres nothing better to me then enjoying hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and watermelon.

Favorite Thing to Do: Drive at night with the windows down, hello adventure time. Maybe even a little skinny dipping! I can't wait for all the fireworks to happen!

Favorite Way to Document It All: Hello Polaroid camera! I used to burn through so much film when I was younger. Nothing beats a little nostalgia.

Have a wonderful weekend, wear sunscreen and Uber safely!





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