Friday Favorites: Butterfly Kisses and Calming Down



Happy April Fool's! Another week has snuck by and so much has happened. Hopefully everyone else is feeling just as productive! The air in LA has finally shifted, the days are longer and the sun just feels warmer. Spring has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier. I always love sharing my Friday Favorites and getting feed back.


"Its not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood." -Dita Von Teese

Oh Me?

I've always felt lingerie is the perfect act of self love. It's like a love note just for yourself, you know you're wearing it, you know if you took off all your clothes you'd look amazing and it's a giant secret. Just for you. That you could share at any moment with someone else, if you so choose. When I want to look and feel my best I head to the Beverly Center to drop by L'Agent by Agent Provocateur. I love their blend of glamour with modern looks and the textiles alone are an enough of a reason to wear them. I never feel more amazing then when I have one of their sets under my clothes.


Yoga just isn't for your body anymore! After a long day of conducting business in heels I love to come home to my Yoga Toes. They gently stretch your toes back to a normal position after they've been cramped up in a narrow toe box all day. Plus they look like GAINT gems on my feet so there's always that to look forward to too!

The Wild

Just kidding. That movie is great but you won't see me back packing that far, plus I don't think the trail has Starbucks lattes on it. When I almost want to get outside and see the stairs I browse and book through Hip Camp. It's basically the AirBnB of the camping world and offers glamorous locations on people's vineyards, blueberry fields and inside amazing Airstream trailers. You can sort by activities, I'm always a fan of the rock formations of Joshua Tree, if your dog came come and if there's hot springs included, I'll bring the margaritas.

Butterfly Kisses

We all love amazing fluttery lashes but sometimes finding the time to sit in a chair for a couple hours to get your extensions done just isn't in the schedule. Which is why I love serums, my favorite right now being a Biotin Infused serum sold by Body Merry. Full of powerful ingredients like biotin, aloe, Japanese green tea leaf extract, pumpkin seed oil and organic rosehip seed oil, it works and smells great. I've even been using it on my brows and I swear there's a difference.

Piece of Mind

After using my Class Pass membership for a while I stumbled across The Den Meditation on La Brea and oh man was I pleased. Just drop in for a quick twenty minute morning energizer or a lunch break recharge and I swear the traffic just doesn't seem so bad anymore!

Pause for a moment, grab some coffee and have a wonderful weekend you foxy ladies!