Feel Good Monday

Monday rolls around and we all groan at the thought of it. Another work week to drag us along. But what if we start our day and our week off on a different note? As you drink your coffee this morning think about what feels good in your life, scribble it down on a post it, write it on a note tucked into your wallet, just a tiny reminder of the good stuff to get you through the day. That way you can remember you're nine to five is just that and you can come home refreshed.  

💘 Coffee in bed 💘 Headspace meditation 💘 Gel pens 💘 Cool days 💘 Cozy sweaters 💘 Galaxy leggings 💘 Sunny days 💘 All the flower bushes in bloom 💘 Magic wand cellphone case 💘 McDonald's serving breakfast all day 💘 Fresh gel manicures 💘 Colored eyeliner 💘 Fringe 💘 Productive days 💘 Bow hair ties 💘 The feeling of driving my new car 💘 Always coffee 💘 Love notes on the bathroom mirror 💘 Submitting my designs for sample production 💘 Living Creatively 💘 Getting through my reading list 💘 Planning a vacation day 💘


What gives you the feel good tingles this morning? So later as you're stuck in traffic or in your cubicle or dealing with shoppers and the stress hits you, just remember you only have a few more hours and then your home to your pets or off to the beach or about to sit down to an amazing dinner.


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Happy Mondays!