Drink Up


Growing up we'd always visit my grandfather, whose house was very much stuck in 1958. But I loved it. The bowl of candies and old school  tv, playing behind the dry bar. As soon as I got my own place I loved the aspect of having my very own bar cart and it goes well with any retro inspired home.

Building your very own is a great way to add a sophisticated feeling to your home. Pick your self up a vintage cart or snag this one from Ikea for an easy thirty bucks. Spruce it up by painting it a color, I love using gold paint to decorate my apartment and Madison of Madison Short has a great explanation of a DIY to paint yours.
I found it easiest to only carry liquors that I used frequently instead of trying to house a whole bar. This way I have a few go to cocktails and the supplies to offer a signature one to guests when they visit. I love Whiskey Sours, Moscow Mules, Margaritas on the rocks and a gin concoction I've dubbed the Alice.
Now get yourself some funky glasses, a cocktail shaker, an ice bucket and some cool light up ice cubes to make every drink that much more fun!