You Are What You Eat



Everyone wants the ability to roll from bed with perfect hair and flawless skin, but most of us find ourselves in front of the mirror with product and curling wands creating our look and covering things we deem as imperfections. For years I fought an ongoing battle with nasty red painful acne, I tried everything and spent too much at Sephora trying to find a solution.




Here are some of my tricks to reaching clearer skin, it's not an overnight process or a miracle cream so you have to stick with it. For me I was already eating pretty clean, chicken or salmon with veggies, drinking lots of water and making sure to wash my face before bed, so I could not figure out what else could be wrecking my skin. I would ponder this over my morning cups of coffee and then it hit me. The running joke was that I'll take some coffee with my cream and sugar. I would put three teaspoons into each delicious warm cup of coffee and then have at least three cups spanning the day. That's nine teaspoons of sugar a day! I threw it all out and used agave to add a little sweetness without being a lot. And now I just use creamer! It wasn't that hard to adjust and my skin started clearing up. It also kept me in check from eating other sugary foods and candies. I now knew what caused most of my acne.


"My nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's Green smoothie is probably my biggest beauty secret"- Dita Von Teese




Remember our skin is an organ and helps flush out toxins that are floating around in our bodies, so if you're not taking care of what you eat it's probably going to show up on your face. Eat cleaner, drink lots of water, cut back on excess salt and sugars, eat more salads, lettuce is good for helping digestion and add in detoxifying juices to help bring your body back into balance. Heres one of my favorites for helping clean your liver and kidneys so they can process better. It may sounds gross but it's pretty yummy and the end result is worth it.

  • Two medium Beets washed and scrubbed
  • Three Carrots
  • 1 Granny Smith Apple
  • Squeeze of lemon

Send through the juicer and enjoy!

Another tip is if you're like me and can never remember to actually make and eat a salad with all that produce you bought, drink your veggies! Whether in a smoothie or a juice, just get your greens!

  • Eat clean, no more Mcdonalds!
  • Get your veggies
  • Add lemon to your water
  • Wash your face
  • Cut back on sweets and sugars
  • Take your vitamins
  • Juice for an added bonus
  • And enjoy your clearer skin!


Cheers Babe!

Xoxo VV