Abundance If You Please



We all know a little yoga and meditation can go a long way. Mental health, flexibility, patience are just a few benefits, so when I stumbled across Feng Shui on one of my many trips down the internet's rabbit hole, I was intrigued. I was always to clean or reorganize my room as a child when I was feeling frustrated or bored that it had looked the same for months. Looking back I realize that by rearranging that I was moving the energy around for better flow.

I have a tiny nook at the end of my kitchen that doubles as a sitting area, place to read a good book or recharge with another cup of coffee. It was here that I was reading simple steps for better shui, it was also here that it hit me that my house was in very bad shui.

Clutter is chaos not being heard and as I looked around my kitchen I realized I needed to start. I had let the counters become a landing point for everything, my keys, the phone charger, coffee cups, water bottles, recipe ideas, and more. According to Simply Shui kitchen clutter is a result of taking care of others better than we take of ourselves, which will cause resentment. Clutter in the kitchen is also a huge turn off to abundance and wealth. This also covers the wealth you receive from your relationships, your family, your health. So the move you use it, the more your going to get.

So to get the energy movie I took everything off the walls, the hanging pots, the magnet knife strip, my calendar, the towel hook, everything. Then I cleaned, a deep spring cleaning, in August and then I painted the walls. Before I hand gone with a "Sunshine Mimosa" a dreamy bright yellow but it was three years later and I was itchy to paint a new color. Most of furniture is in creams, tans, and greens, I don't know how but somehow that's what I always found drawn too. So as a color of abundance and to match I selected a light emerald green called "Agave Plant" and humming a little Lime in the Coconut covered the walls in this cooling color.

As I put things away I truly considered if I even need them and started a donation box. If I hadn't touched it since last time I deep cleaned I didn't need it.

Now that the outside of my kitchen is freshly recharged and organized it's time to dive into the cabinets. Remember that clutter behind closets and drawers is still chaos and reflects unfinished business. Don't forget that silly junk drawer we all seem to have and the fridge, our center of health.

Tips for Kitchen Feng Shui

  • Keep the stove a few inches away from the wall
  • Use all burners equally
  • Place plants and herbs above the sink
  • Repair leaking faucets and drains, this is letting your money and wealth drain away from you
  • Add a mirror to reflect abundance
  • Cook at least one or two meals a week
  • Keep your counters clear-horizontal spaces represent creativity

May goodness come to you!


Vivian Vette