Once Upon a Time

A while ago it was said that you get what you pay for, we were brought up to believe that if we paid more for something we were getting a better product, that this thing was made from better materials, crafted with more finishes and would last us. 

That just isn't the case anymore, the term luxury has been reshaped to just mean expensive. To mean that you're paying for the name attached to that item. You're no longer paying for quality anymore and as a designer this drives me bonkers. So many "affordable luxury" bags on the market now are constructed from PVC-plastic, a waxed canvas, a waxed split hide so it's the lowest level of calf they can use and then stamping it and waxing it to hide it's lack of quality and imperfections. 

Even the other day I strolled into a designer store to think about purchasing a purse, I may design them but I also like to collection iconic styles. For thirteen hundred dollars I could be a the proud owner of a fully waxed canvas handbag, the style was unlined and the only the handles and cross body strap was leather. I just couldn't believe it. I've purchased more for less. Then I look closer and the piping in the seam isn't even set in evenly. All this for $1350! 

Even some brands have slid in quality a certain brand I would have purchased from years ago is no where near the sample level of quality today.

I hate to use the term luxury when referring to my own collection, but when I do I am referring to the quality and the craftsman ship you are receiving when you carry one of my handbags on your arm. I wanted to create a handbag that was usable, not just an empty bucket to become a catch all for everything we as women tend to carry with us. I wanted a complete leather on leather handbag, the ultimate sign of decadence to me. Searching Los Angeles for a buttery soft lambskin like the one I found took weeks and the liner was a custom order job straight from the dye houses in Italy, but it was worth the wait. As I unrolled the metallic hides across my sample room I was in awe, the magicalness, the sparkle, it was amazing. 

So here's to a new look at luxury, here's to quality, craftsmanship and crafting them all here in Los Angeles. Here's to making dreams come true. 


Vivian Vette