A Guide to a Life on the Run

Everyday Makeup
Being able to run out the door isn't an art, it's just something I have down to a science. I may love makeup as much as the next girl and have a whole vintage train case full of it but I have my daily go to's that I love and count on. On days where I only have a few minutes to look good before bolting for the door I reach for my Becca backlight primer and follow it up with my Tarte BB cream, applying it all with a Beauty Blender, which really is God's gift to women. If I have a little extra time I'll brush on some sheer purple eyeshadow, it has the perfect amount of color and sparkle without being a full disco ball effect. If I don't, I'll skip ahead to mascara AND THEN wing on the eyeliner. Putting your mascara on first keeps your liquid eyeliner from creating clumps in your lashes. Finish it all off with brightening powder and a red lip. And you're good to go go go.
💖 Brushes 💖 Primer 💖 BB Cream 💖 Better Than Sex 💖 Eyeshadow 💖  💖 Powder 💖 Beauty Blender 💖 Eyeliner 💖 Concealer 💖