A Good Day


Salvador Dali


This past Friday I woke excited, after two months I finally had a moment to visit the salon. You know how it goes, your hair looks great and then suddenly eight washes, 3 work weeks and the summer have happened and it's FADED. So for that alone, Friday would be a good day.

As I sat in the chair, answering emails, tweeting away and just enjoying the forced downtime at nine o'clock in the morning, my phone rang. I hate answering unknown numbers, it's funny that our once private cell phones seem to have been sold out to act like home phones, that non of us have anymore but can remember the long tangled cords, or the time our parents finally went cordless and we could wander about the house talking to our crushes. Those were the days.

"Hello?" I waited, baited breath. Junk caller? Were they going to try and sell me solar power for the house I don't own? One could only hope.

"Sofia?" Ahh, it was my supplier. The material had come in! All the way from Italy. I was needed to approve the color. I glanced at myself in the salon's mirror, pink and purple hair dye oozing into my strands.

"Sure, we'll be down this afternoon."

I was out the door by 12:30, a refreshed mermaid, new products in my bag and on my way to grab my partner. There's a lot of hurry up and wait in designing. You "rush" around to find materials, trims and a contractor and then you wait and wait and wait for your sample to come back. Then you order material and wait and wait and wait for a sample of that to come back to you so you can approve the color, finish and texture. Then you wait and wait and wait for the rest of it to arrive.

Thirty minutes home, quick snack, I won't lie, it wasn't a healthy little treat. Nope. Good old Lucky Charms. Totally adulting here.

Then twenty minutes down to my supplier for about five minutes there. Quick and easy.

And then the battle of Los Angeles traffic to leave downtown at the beginning of rush hour.

But once I reached the studio I stared again at the sample yardage, thrilled with the color. The sheer shimmer of it and the way it cast mini rainbows and the hour and a half I spent in traffic was all worth it to see the dream starting to take shape in front of me.

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