Summer Essentials

summer musts Summer to me is the feeling I get when I go on a road trip, good music on the radio, warm area whirling through the car, one arm out the window catching the breeze and lots and lots of instant photos to document the whole thing.

My bags feel constantly packed so I can jet off at a moments notice for a good time. I've gathered my go to wardrobe list that is full of layering pieces, breathable fabrics and good style without feeling like a baking in hell for fashion. The temperatures reached a hundred and two the other day.

I know contouring, highlighting, perfect brows and eyeliner on point this year but I refuse to have it all melt into my pores and create an even bigger problem, so I am all for just sunscreen, a little BB Cream if need be and a good lipstick. Tarte is chemical free which is great for the ocean's benefit and doesn't leave you feel greasy and sunscreen-y. I love Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang lipstick, it's creaming and just the perfect amount of color. Carrying a hydrating spray in my tote is a must for the summer, with all the air, heat and dust it's great for rejuvenating your through out the day.

Giant beach hat and sunglasses for even more sun protection. No wrinkles for me please. I fell in love with the Luna glasses by Wildfox, they make me feel all magically.


Espadrilles are a God send for the summer, with a wedge they're comfortable and cute. Which is great for running errands, shopping Melrose or wandering flea markets for the perfect vintage furniture. Plus they match everything from shorts to dresses.

A cute go to outfit you know you can pull together quickly. The skirt is Alice and Olivia, the shirt from Nordstorms and the shorts are Ally Fashion. I have multiple versions of this outfit, and then as summer becomes fall I easily layer capris and a jacket to the emsamble. I added two dresses to my wardrobe for summer, a glamorous maxi from Young Fabulous and Broke and a "formal" dress from Pinup Girl Clothing for brunch and nights out. By only adding key pieces to my closet I'm able to see exactly what I have and know I'm going to love the outfit versus trying on a ton of different things to create one look.

I've always adored The Little Mermaid and when Valfre came out with her mermaid collection I knew I just had to have the shell phone case to protect my iPhone.

The beach is calling,


Vivian Vette