Love Loudly

                                                   Yves Saint Laurent Love Poster 1972

                                                   Yves Saint Laurent Love Poster 1972


As I waited in the line to go through airport security my apple watch was buzzing and blinking, as I boarded the plane, buzzing and blinking, as I waited in Tuscon for my mother's plane to touch down, more buzzing, more blinking. All day long I receive notifications about the horrific news across the world, car crashes in Barcelona, crap our president is doing and the list goes on. I'm sure if you have a smart phone, if you're online, you've seen it.

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." - Dr. Suess

As we settled into our Airbnb for the night, the desert sun sinking below the mountains, the saguaro cactus jutting up into the sky I was utterly at a loss for what to do with myself. The anxiety griped at my heart and I was agitated.

This is a time to band together, to speak up to show love to our friends, our family, our neighbors. In a time when we all live so visibly and loudly online, shouting our opinions to the world now is the time to create a change of good. Spread a message of love, compassion, acceptance. We were all there in high school, somehow being excluded from some lunch table or group and yet we continue to do this to people as we grow older. Fuck that. 

"All we need is love." - The Beatles

Every winter for New Years Eve Yves Saint Laurent would design a love letter and mail them off to his friends. A collection of them now hang in his Marrekesh home. Spread love, call your friends and tell them the great things about them, create a larger circle of loving and supportive friends. Love yourself, love your friends and let your love light shine. 

Love Loudly,

Vivian Vette


How to Be More Confident

We all have our shrinking violet days, where we just don't feel like ourselves. Let's blame it on waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Well I've got a little cure for you. Feng Shui. Yea that's right, I'm a huge fan of using it to create dynamic flow in my house so I thought what if I applied it to my wardrobe?! 

"When in doubt wear red." - Bill Blass

On days that just feel a little off take the time to really nail your look, knowing that you're leaving the house with perfectly winged eyeliner is guaranteed to put some pep in your step. Put on some music that is going to lift your mood, enjoy the ritual of getting ready for the day, you never know who you might meet.

It's always handy to have an outfit to reach for that you know you look great in, for me it's black pants, a black tee, Louboutins and my leather jacket. Knowing I can just put this on and look elegant and sleek relieves so much stress and I can instantly tackle my day confidently.

Wear red. Red is the ultimate power color, it will draw attention to you, make people take notice of you and cause you to walk taller.

Stand up straight. When you stand tall with your shoulders back you are not shrinking away from your day. You instantly appear taller, sure and more confident of yourself. 

Wear something fancy. Wear something that makes you feel elegant and remember one can never be too over dressed.

Wear something with a chevron. Chevrons are power shapes and add instant life and energy. Just like on our handbags

Remember to smile. It's the best accessory anyone can wear.

xoxo Darlings

Summer Essentials

Summer has officially shown up to Los Angeles, gone are the days of pants and my leather jacket, walking the dogs now include shorts and baseball tee's. To kick off the summer on the right note I've complied a list of what I consider essentials for a good summer, even it's being squeezed in around our crazy work hours. 

Fresh Ground Coffee, they recently put a Whole Foods 365 into our Silverlake neighborhood and I am loving the morning brew by them

Since cutting my hair and rocking my idea of a modern flapper style everyday I am in love with the idea of glitter roots and I've even made a little how to one how to do your own!

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Don't even get me started on all the benefits and why we should wear it. But we should! It keeps us from aging, burning and protects us from skin cancer so just do yourself a favor already and just wear it. SuperGoop makes a sunscreen setting spray with rosemary which works wonderfully and feels refreshing. Recently I participated in Wanderlust's 108 triathlon and used this all day and didn't burn anywhere. 

A giant tote bag is a must in California with so much to do all summer. Having the glitter straw tote I picked up in Morocco is a blessing. It's perfect for tossing in blankets and snacks for a fun Friday night at the outdoor movie events or I can toss clothes and toiletries in and instantly hit the road on an impromptu road trip.

Some sort of instant camera, need we say more? We have the Fujifilm Instax Mini but might also pick up the Polaroid because really a pink and blue camera?? Make sure you get the fun film too. 

Summer to me is playing the greatest hits of the Beach Boys with the windows down, so this year I treated myself to Beach Boys Endless summer on vinyl so I can still enjoy summer while I work from home. 

You can't go wrong with a great pair of sunnies, and I find if you invest in one great pair that you are in love with then they never disappear and last forever. I am loving what Alessandro Michele is doing over at Gucci and when I saw these glitter hot pink frames I knew they were THE PAIR for summer. 

Get outside and explore. Pack up the car and drive. There's only so much we can absorb and learn from our computers. We need vitamin d and the dirt beneath our feet to ground ourselves, to grow and to speak to our soul. Pick up a best of road trips, pack up that tote and hit the road. I'm using Lonely Planet's California's Best Trips to get out this summer and they make other great ones for other parts of the country and world. So no excuses! Get out, take pictures and make sure to tag us! #vvwildsummer

Stay balanced and be able to carry all your crystals with you. I picked up a crystal holder necklace pendant at House of Intuition in Silverlake and now I can just select a crystal for the day, pop it in and be vibing all day long. 

Let the good times roll!


Vivian Vette

Once Upon a Time

A while ago it was said that you get what you pay for, we were brought up to believe that if we paid more for something we were getting a better product, that this thing was made from better materials, crafted with more finishes and would last us. 

That just isn't the case anymore, the term luxury has been reshaped to just mean expensive. To mean that you're paying for the name attached to that item. You're no longer paying for quality anymore and as a designer this drives me bonkers. So many "affordable luxury" bags on the market now are constructed from PVC-plastic, a waxed canvas, a waxed split hide so it's the lowest level of calf they can use and then stamping it and waxing it to hide it's lack of quality and imperfections. 

Even the other day I strolled into a designer store to think about purchasing a purse, I may design them but I also like to collection iconic styles. For thirteen hundred dollars I could be a the proud owner of a fully waxed canvas handbag, the style was unlined and the only the handles and cross body strap was leather. I just couldn't believe it. I've purchased more for less. Then I look closer and the piping in the seam isn't even set in evenly. All this for $1350! 

Even some brands have slid in quality a certain brand I would have purchased from years ago is no where near the sample level of quality today.

I hate to use the term luxury when referring to my own collection, but when I do I am referring to the quality and the craftsman ship you are receiving when you carry one of my handbags on your arm. I wanted to create a handbag that was usable, not just an empty bucket to become a catch all for everything we as women tend to carry with us. I wanted a complete leather on leather handbag, the ultimate sign of decadence to me. Searching Los Angeles for a buttery soft lambskin like the one I found took weeks and the liner was a custom order job straight from the dye houses in Italy, but it was worth the wait. As I unrolled the metallic hides across my sample room I was in awe, the magicalness, the sparkle, it was amazing. 

So here's to a new look at luxury, here's to quality, craftsmanship and crafting them all here in Los Angeles. Here's to making dreams come true. 


Vivian Vette

A Gallery Of Palm Springs

Last Tuesday we took off to the desert to see the Desert X exhibits and saying that they were breath taking is an under statement.